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Refill Your Cartridges With Our e-Liquid
The savings formula when using e-liquid is amazing:
Eliquid 10ml = ~ 270drops
It takes 2-5 drops to refill a cartridge.
You get ~80-120 refills

E-liquid-Usa is Manufactured To The Highest Standards.
Our E liquid Compatible with all brands of electronic cigarettes, Pipes and Cigars.
One 30 ml bottle of E-Liquids-Usa will last approximately 1 to 2 month!
One 10 ml bottle of E-Liquids-Usa will last approximately 1 to 3 Weeks!
The bottle comes with a convenient dropper for you to refill empty cartridges
You no longer need to throw out your used cartridges and replace them expensively!
50 Flavor choices USA-Mix,Tobacco, Apple, Cherry, Chocolate, Coffee, Menthol, Strawberry, Lemonade, Vanilla, Peach, Grape, Rose, Cream, Almond, Clove, Pineapple, Banana,..
Nicotine Strength : V-High (36ML) Nicotine ,  VX-High  (24ML) Nicotine , Nicotine High Nicotine (16 MG), Med Nicotine (11MG), Low Nicotine (6MG), Non Nicotine (0MG)

All The Liquids Are Made In Chaina


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ELiquid 30ml Double Mint E-Liquid
ELiquid 30ml Double Mint E-Liquid
Now you can buy Electronic Cig eLiquid at discount prices! We are happy to bring you the highest ..
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