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Kgo T 750mAh E-Cigarette starting kit THIS PRODUCT IS DISCONTINUED

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Brand: Ego Joye 510
Product Code: Ego C
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Availability: In Stock
Price: $64.00

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Kgo-T 750mAh Starter Kit

This Kgo-T kit is the latest 2012 design of the eGo product line.  If you are familiar with the eGo and eGo Tanks,ego-c you will love this!  Full flavour vapour is produced from a small changeable Tank atomizer.  The atomizers, being smaller components also cost less to replace.

To fill the cartridge, you take out the tank, snap off the lid, and fill.  Snap the lid back on and pop it back into your atomizer cone and away you go.  Great vaping experience.  No filler material to contend with.  The tank cartridges holds just over 1ml of liquid.  Get vaping! 

This kit uses standard eGo Tank Cartridges.

Each Kgo-T Kit contains:

  • Atomizing device: 2pcs
  • Battery: 2pcs
  • Cartridge:4pcs
  • Charger& USB cable: 1pc
  • Adapter: 1pc
  • User’s manual: 1pc

Length of the electronic cigarette: 152mm
Diameter of the electronic cigarette:16 mm
Mouthfuls for each cartridge : 300 puffs
Battery capacity : 750mAh
Full battery can keep for 1000 puffs
Weight of single e-cigarette:54g
Weight of battery:41g
Weight of atomizing device: 13g
Weight of cartridge: 3g
Weight of adapter: 54.5g
Weight per set:423g
Packing size: 183 * 99* 65mm
Charge time:4hs
Battery life ( charge&discharge cycle times): more than 300 times
Packaging material: gift box

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