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DSE-801 T System E-Cigarette Dse801 T

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Brand: ch dse801
Product Code: Dse 801 T
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DSE801-T tank system e-cigarette: DsE801 T / DSE 801 Tank System E-cig. DsE801-T tank system e-cigrette builds on the achievements of the 801 e-cig. The new power saving battery function improves the efficiency of power consumption. Apply the new tank system for dripping e-liquid directly into its 1.0ml tank cartridge without the use of tissue inside the tank. This revolutionary new e-cigarette makes dripping easier and less frustrating for consumers

Electronic cigarettes 801-T have a nonflammable electronic atomizing device which adopt the advanced microelectronic technology and physical atomized technology. The power supply scheme adopt double lithium battery, through increased voltage to improve the output power of electronic cigarettes, improve the quantity of vapor and the concentration of vapor and make it twice than common electronic cigarette's vapor. The vapour produced by Electronic cigarette 801-T atomizer can keep 180-200 mouthfuls. Smoking gently will produce very big and thick vapor. Using PWM control mode make a battery constant voltage output keep in 5V, the quantity of vapor can't along with battery voltage decreases that gives a comfortable feeling to smoker from beginning to the end of smoking...

Electronic cigarette 801-T battery own large power, the capacity of it has 280mAh which completely support two cartridegs to smoke and full capacity can keep for 380-400 mouthfuls, so you don't worry about the capacity whether be able to keep smoking for a long time. In addition, 801-T use the Mini USB charger, it is so small that easy to carry and very cnvenient to charge.

At the bigining of smoking, you'd better inject few smoke oil into the cartridge that make it works better and much more effecience. According to the test report from our company scientific research department, the detection of leaking oil and the smoke pull test both passed the criterion of acceptabillty which makes our products own the high competition ability in the market and most popular in customers.
To be a new and fashionable hi-tech electronic product, e-cigarette gives you more choices of leading a healthy life

Specification Of Electronic Cigarette 801-T
Model: 801-T
Product size: D 11.5mm L 155mm
Weight of the case: 25.4G
The liquid of each cartridge: 1.0-1.1g
Each cartridge equals to traditional cigarette: 15PCS
Puffs for each cartridge keep: 150-200 puffs
Battery capacity: 280mAh
Normal working voltage: 4.2V-3.3V
Charging voltage: 4.3-6V
Charging time: 3.0-3.5 hours
Full battery can keep for: 380-400 puffs
Resistance: 2.3-2.5omes
Life of battery: 300 times charging

Function description:
1. Power saving function: LED lamp flashes 3 times into the energy saving mode.
2. Smoking function: Atomizer starts work the LED lamp lights gradually during smoking and atomizer stops working the LED lamp darks gradually when you stop smoking, LED lamp flashes 2 times come into the energy saving mode when you smoking over the safe time and the atomizer stops woking.
3. Short circuit protection function: The battery output shorted the LED lamp flashes 2 seconds and put out during smoking
4. Low voltage detection function: When the battery voltage is lower than 3.2 V, LED lamp flashes 10 times to warn during smoking.
5. Charging function: LED lamp keeping light in charging until finished it puts out.
6. Charging parameter: Charge voltage 4.3 v to 6.0 v and charge current 120 mA
7. The function of charger: Scewing the electronic cigarette battery in the mini USB charge's twist joint and then connect with wall charger or mini car charger for charging.

Electronic Cigarette 801-T Configuration:
1. 801-T atomizer: 1PC
2. 801-T battery: 2PCS
3. 801-T tank cartridge: 5PCS
4. USB charger: 1PC
5. Wall charger: 1PC
6. Manual: 1PC
7. Certificate: 1PC
8. Gift box: 1SET

1. It is better to use cartridge than filling e-liquid into e-cigarette directly.
2. Please use the corresponging charger from us.
3. Please pay attention to maintenance:
1)Pease don't pull out the mouthpiece sidelong without rules and you should pull out it vertically, otherwise it is easy to pull out with thimble and cause the silicone Lid of cartridge fall into the atomizer.
2)Please separate the battery and the atomizer to aviod the smoke oil coming into the battery without smoking.
3)Batteries must be kept in dry places, avoid smoke oil and water coming into the cell.


Joye 510 cartridges are available in:
USA-Mix,Vanilla,Tobacco, Menthol,Camel

  • High-16mg
  • Med-11mg
  • Low-6mg
  • Non-0mg
  • Our Dse 901 T System electronic cigarette Compatible with: Rn4075,Dse901,Dse-901 Starter Kit

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