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4Nine Mechanical Mod Copper Clone

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Brand: Tesla
Product Code: 4Nine
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Price: $47.95
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4Nine Mechanical Mod Copper Clone

  • Brass top cap + stainless steel tube + brass bottom button
  • Without 510 center pin, so your atomizer will connect directly to the positive pole of the battery
  • Custom hybrid connection on the top, when you connect any atty to the mod it gives a hybrid look
  • Magnetic firing switch
  • Houses single 18350/18500/18650 battery (batteries sold separately)
  • With a extra magnet, so you can use a flat top battery as well as a button top battery

Notes & Warnings

1. eliquid-usa is not responsible for any damages or injuries sustained from the misuse or abuse of this product. eliquid-usa does not manufacture this product.
2. We strongly recommend a safety fuse and contiinued inspection of the battery you will be using each and every time you remove it for charging.
3. We strongly recommend that you purchase IMR type batteries for this mod and also not cheap off the shelf types.
4. Although you can put two batteries in many mods mod it is NOT recommended, in fact it is strongly discouraged.  Stacking batteries in a mechanical mod like this can damage your attached devices and cause damage to the mod and your person. If you purchase this item you do so agreeing you will not do this at any time!
5. A mechanical mod has NO protection and outputs exactly what the battery outputs, there are no curcuits for protection, a mechanical is basically just a shell for a battery.
5. It is becoming popular to do "subohms" on mechanical mods.  We do not cover subohm vaping in any way and do not condone it. Please note that a mechanical mod has NO protection.  You must use proper batteries with the required amp draw and be familiar with all aspects of sub or even low ohms (anything below 1.6ohms) before using this mod in that manner or you WILL cause damage to the mod, the attached device and/or yourself.  eliquid-usa provides NO information on subohm vaping and we consider it dangerous, please do NOT use this mod for subohms.

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